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Social Media & Content ManagementSocial media has introduced many vibrant, living, economical channels to the marketing mix. It keeps you current with your customers, provides exposure to your prospective market in a unique way, and is an essential tool in organically building a presence that search engines gravitate to. BUT, do you ever get frustrated about where to start and how to keep up with the time-consuming demands of social media marketing? You’re not alone! The number one deterrent to launching a social media marketing campaign is how to find the time it takes to develop and implement a professional social media marketing campaign – but promark can help. Our market research will help facilitate a comprehensive social media strategy and an effective marketing plan unique to your company that would consistently provide compelling content and graphics that are sure to engage your prospects and customers. We can guide you through all the choices available for paid advertising to make the most of your marketing dollars and utilize the strength of each channel to successfully attain your short- and long-term marketing goals.

A critical element in a social media marketing campaign is tracking and measurement. promarkdirect will track and measure your results in order to fine-tune your marketing plan while keeping your presence in social media fresh and relevant via content management.

…in so many words

Paramount to a successful social media marketing strategy is management of the subject matter, or content. The look and substance must support your brand, and it must be kept current and relevant to attract your prospective customer’s attention and trigger a response. When it comes to content, your prospect is looking for the old WIFM, or “what’s in it for me?” Boring, irrelevant, or cookie-cutter content will turn prospects away faster than a speeding bullet! In addition, it is imperative that your content speaks to search engines as well. So, you ask yourself, who has the time to do all of this writing?

promark will attract new customers and reinforce relationships with current customers by providing fresh, appealing, and interesting content that supports your brand and product offering. promark will provide thoughtful, well-developed content that not only captures your prospects’ interest but motivates them to take action as well, moving them into the next step of the sales funnel toward a purchase. : In addition to generating content on a scheduled or spontaneous basis, capitalizing on company events or marketplace happenings with consistency and dependability, for your social media marketing channels, we can do the same for your blogs, newsletters, websites, brochures, email and direct mail content.

let us guide you through this frontier to produce social media marketing campaigns that will excite your customers, entice your prospects, and build name recognition with search engines!
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