Research & Analysis

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Research and Analysis

Effective marketing begins with selecting the right audience. Understanding your prospect is the foundation upon which your offer, the marketing channel, and timing is determined. Keeping the customers you have worked so hard to attain requires understanding their changing needs and their level of satisfaction with your product or service. Similarly, setting sales goals requires knowing your marketing potential. To gain this level of understanding you need ongoing research and analysis of your customer base. promark offers research through a variety of analytical tools that can bring this valuable information to you.

customer profiling

promark will profile your customers to develop a comprehensive picture of what your best prospects look like through the use of our unique data appending services. We will augment existing information about your customers with additional distinguishing attributes, providing a detailed profile report enabling you to understand what your customers look like, allowing you to develop a database that only includes like prospects who have the potential to become customers.

customer survey

To find out what your current customers are really thinking, we implement a full-service third party research survey. promark will work with your team to create the best research tool for you. We will collect and compile the responses and provide a complete analysis that reflects not just statistical data but insights that will guide your future product, service, and marketing decisions. The end result means cost savings and an increased bottom line for you.

STAR (sales territory analysis report) report

Set your sales goals with precision! promark’s STAR Report will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each sales territory your organization is targeting. Whether your territories include consumers, businesses, or both, we can provide you with a full picture of the market potential.

Marketing research uncovers untapped market potential, and initial and ongoing analyses provide direction for necessary steps to grow your business. It is a powerful tool in understanding customer satisfaction levels, prospect pools, and marketing strategy as well as new product introductions.

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