Non Profit Organizations


Cultivating new donors is a uniquely challenging task facing nonprofit organizations – it can take a lot of your marketing budget and a great deal of your organization’s time. In addition to finding new donors, the importance of developing and sustaining your current donor base cannot be understated. And, the many multichannel marketing options add another dimension to an already overwhelming responsibility. promark has the talent and the technology to help you keep your current donors excited and to inspire new donors to give.

attracting new donors

Find the right target, send the right message, and choose the right channels:

  • finding the right target: To maximize effectiveness, it is key to target only those individuals who fit the profile of your model donor. promark can pinpoint your prospects on two critical fronts: type of philanthropy and personal demographics. Some examples of available selects are:

    type of philanthropy

    • health
    • education
    • political
    • humanitarian
    • disease
    • religious
    • children and youth causes
    • human rights
    • scholarship programs
    • women’s causes
    • poverty
    • handicapped
    • animals and wildlife
    • veterans
    • single or multi donor
    • …and many more

    personal demographics

    • age
    • income
    • net worth
    • dwelling type and value
    • presence of children
    • children’s ages
    • interests
    • habits
    • milestone events
    • religious affiliation
    • voting habits
    • multi-generational households
    • ethnicity
    • gender
    • spoken languages
    • …and many more

    promark will analyze your current donor base and combine those findings with our donor profile statistics to formulate your target prospect profile. By targeting only those prospects that perfectly fit your profile, you will have a higher donor conversion rate and save marketing dollars by not soliciting individuals outside of your target prospect pool.

  • sending the right message: In this fast-paced and heavily inundated marketing climate, capturing your prospect’s attention in a matter of seconds is critical. You also want to inspire them to take action.
    • Get their attention – In the end, after all the facts are weighed, consumers act from emotion. Integrating compelling graphics is key! A picture can convey the need of a small child, an animal, or a victim of disease instantly, emotionally, and without a word.
    • Appeal to their sensibility – The content of your message should inform your prospect of the need for their help by providing a story that touches their heart and statistics that legitimize and add urgency to the cause. You want to let them know how donations impact the lives of those that need help.
    • Build their trust – Apprehension to giving can be soothed by providing your prospect with a complete picture of how their donation will be used.
    • Ask for their help – Don’t forget to ask for their help and whether you use postal mail, email, social media or integrated multichannel marketing, make it easy for them to give!
  • choosing the right channel: What is the best way to reach out to your prospect pool? The demographics of your prospects certainly provide insight into which marketing channels they will gravitate to. One of the advantages of integrated multichannel marketing is you reach your prospects in more than one channel and provide them with the opportunity to respond in the medium that is most comfortable to them – while speeding up the process of exposure to your cause.

cultivating and sustaining your donor base

Once a prospect has become a donor, it’s important to protect that investment by cultivating and sustaining your relationship with them. Donors need to feel appreciated and be kept “in the loop” on the success stories their donations are creating and how they are making the world a better place. promark can provide the creative and marketing technology to let your donors know just how much they are appreciated, what a difference they are making, and provide them further opportunity to show their support when the time is appropriate.

let us put our expertise and tools to work finding new donors, sustaining your donor base and maximizing the outcome of your next campaign!
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