Mailing & Intelligent Bar Codes

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promark can put state-of-the-art mailing production to work for you. In addition to a powerful business or consumer audience selection and data hygiene/merge-purge for your mailings, we offer a full range of letter shop services including:

  • laser addressing
  • ink jet addressing
  • folding
  • inserting
  • hand assembly
  • fulfillment
  • postal presort discount processing for maximum postage savings
  • banding and traying
  • all USPS documentation and delivery
  • national change of address update from USPS
  • intelligent bar coding (IMb)

In certain applications, a personalized package provides the one-on-one communication necessary to bring your sales message home. Personalized laser generated packages are produced by promark’s application of the latest data and laser technologies. You can address your prospects by name in your letter or marketing piece, close with your own signature, and address the envelope directly to avoid corporate in-house misrouting. Copy and graphics can be synchronized with the individual characteristic of each prospect (for example, a sub-segment of seniors vs. a sub-segment of teenagers) to speak more relevantly to each respective group. A personalized salutation combined with a targeted mailing list is the winning combination to attract your prospects, which means a maximum response for you.

intelligent bar codes

Intelligent bar codes are unique bar codes assigned to each letter you send. Real time tracking allows you to know a specific time range when your mail will be delivered to your customer or prospects. This ability can be a critical marketing tool for applications such as:

  • integrated mail coordination – emails and social media alerts can be timed for distribution as a “heads up to your mailbox” or as a follow-up to the receipt of your mail piece.
  • targeted sales effort – Your sales team can do a follow-up call immediately after the piece has arrived to touch the prospect while the direct mail piece is still front of mind.
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