Integrated Mail Multichannel Marketing

…targeted, tailored, timely, tested

email increases its power exponentially when deployed in conjunction with postal mail. promark’s integrated direct mail marketing strategy is the ideal solution for companies seeking targeted multichannel opportunities to reach their customers and prospects. Several critical advantages are:

  • your exposure, or “effective frequency” process of imprinting your brand, is accelerated
  • your message is reinforced, making it more powerful
  • your prospect or customer has a choice of how to engage with you
  • you gain another dimension of tracking and reporting
  • you get the opportunity to grow and own an opt-in database via responses

promark maintains the industry’s most extensive and accurate postal and opt-in email databases, offering a wide range of demographic selections for both consumers and businesses. Our extensive demographic selectivity allows you to customize your message to the sub-segments of your prospect pool and speak more personally to each group.

integrated mail allows you to send your message via two synchronized marketing channels.
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