First Responder Fundraising

…a hero is someone afraid to run away

why promark?

Since our inception, promarkdirect has supported heroes by providing comprehensive turn-key fundraising packages that meet the highest campaign goals. Our services are an integral part of campaign successes for Ambulance Corps, Fire Departments, Rescue Squads and EMT/EMS Organizations, and Police Organizations all across northern New Jersey and the USA. We’ll help you:

  • reach all households and businesses in your service area for maximum results
  • increase donations utilizing our proven design concepts
  • secure the best postage rates to save you money
  • make accounting easy with our automated donor reports
  • thank your supporters

promark will start by tailoring –

  • the mailing list: promark will compile a database just for you, to assure maximum coverage of your service area for both businesses and residents
  • the message: When you begin your campaign, the components of your solicitation package and the message it sends are critical to your success. promarkdirect will analyze your needs based upon your organization’s objectives and the type of campaign and mailing you are doing. We will recommend a package that is tailored to your goals and needs and is designed to appeal to your prospects in a manner that maximizes participation and makes it easy for your contributors to reply.
  • the printing: promark uses the most up-to-date print technology to produce a quality mailing package while still keeping the cost to you economical.
  • the mailing: promark will handle that too! We can assure the lowest possible postal rates, mail in one batch or in waves, and can store materials for interval mailings throughout the year. And of course, we’ll get your mailing out on time!
  • the follow-up: promark will make your recordkeeping a snap with our automated donor report sent directly to you following the campaign. In addition, you can say “Thanks!” to your donors with a custom designed full-color thank you postcard that is included with every first responder appeal!
  • the cost: Our production of millions of appeal packages every year keeps your cost low, leaving you more of the funds needed to serve your community.

promark will be your consultant, do the legwork, and make your job easier while providing a fundraising campaign direct mail package that will meet your budget and exceed your goals!

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