Email List & Deployment

…spam should be ham, not your marketing message!

In addition to postal records, promark can append email addresses to your current customer list and provide you with opt-in email deployment for your prospective customers. This integrated mail approach allows you to utilize two synchronized direct marketing channels: postal mail and email. It gives your customers and prospects multiple opportunities to engage with you. Like postal mail, our opt-in email database offers comprehensive demographic selects to choose from, including:


  • dwelling type
  • new moves
  • age
  • income
  • presence of children
  • interests and habits
  • philanthropy
  • milestone events
  • religious affiliation
  • voting habits
  • multi-generational households
  • ethnicity
  • net worth
  • age of children
  • home value
  • and many other demographic indicators


  • type of service or product they offer
  • number of employees
  • sales volume
  • growth or decline in business
  • location
  • company anniversary
  • headquarters
  • branches
  • key contacts by name and title
  • phone numbers
  • and many other key demographic indicators

Live links in your email offer are an easy way for customers and prospects to navigate to your website with just a click! And the addition of email marketing also adds another dimension of reporting. Real time tracking is provided so you can analyze the engagement and response of your customers and prospects. By receiving direct online responses, you will also be developing your own in-house email opt-in database for future use.

email deployment is a critical component to your multichannel marketing strategy.
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