Data Hygiene & Data Appending


data_hygieneYour customer database can be a gold mine of critical insight for your marketing strategy. The quality of your in-house client file is a key element to profiling your customers, segmenting your markets, and using your marketing dollars as efficiently as possible. promark can “patch the holes” and “fill in the gaps” that are missing to give you a clear picture of who your best customers are, while updating and organizing your customer database to create a powerful marketing asset.

data hygiene

promark can “scrub” your data by verifying names and addresses, removing duplicates and merging records, defining fields, suppressing do-not-mail or deceased records, obtaining move information and forwarding addresses, and ensuring compliance with all of the US Postal Service requirements.

data appending

Once your data is cleansed, promark will enhance its value by appending key demographic information critical to profiling your customers and enhancing your marketing channels. Appended data includes geographic and demographic information for both businesses and consumers. For consumers, promark can append age, ethnicity, gender, birthdate, and daily life information such as habits and interests, philanthropic activities, and more. For businesses, sales volume, number of employees, company anniversary, headquarter and branch locations, key contacts, phone number, and web address are among the categories available for appending. Appending data to your in house file will enhance the value and the quality of your database exponentially by illuminating critical demographic data that is key to a definitive customer profile and successful marketing strategy.

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