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get the most out of your marketing budget by optimizing AdWords performance

AdWords are an absolute for facilitating search engine results, a priority in any good marketing strategy, but without proper monitoring a company can find itself outspending their budget and not getting the results they want. There are many facets to AdWords that need to be scrutinized when evaluating the success of your strategy, but here’s a few hints for maximizing your results and minimizing your marketing costs:
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up-to-date makes a website great!

Everyone knows the importance of having a website, but did you know that it’s equally important to keep it up to date?  It’s not enough to simply publish a website and leave it stagnate for viewing.  In today’s world of status updates, sharp search engines and countless mobile devices, your website needs to do more than just exist to win people’s attention. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:
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but I advertise with direct marketing . . . so why blog?

You may wonder, what’s the point behind a blog. It does not appear to be a direct marketing effort like email or direct mail campaigns. As a matter of fact, it can seem like a lot of work with a questionable payoff. However, blogging is a terrific and critical complement to your direct marketing campaign efforts for a number of reasons:
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direct mail marketing: relevant and on the rise

For a long time, email marketing has been viewed as the inexpensive, expedient way to get the attention of potential customers.  While many companies have continued using direct mail marketing as a part of their marketing mix, for many years its use was on the decline.  However, there’s an old saying, “everything old is new again,” and that seems to be the case with direct mail marketing. The seemingly old fashioned method is enjoying quite a comeback these days, and it has everything to do with email overload.
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Google Ad Words: what you don’t want is just as important as what you do

Just like back in the day when every company had an extensive (and expensive!) yellow page presence, companies now know that to be found you have to have a search engine presence. This comes in the form of ad and pay-per-click advertising via the use of key words.  But did you know, as important as it is to have the right key words in order to be found by the right prospects, you very often need negative key words to weed out the wrong prospects.  Both aspects of key word selection determine the effectiveness of your campaign and your ROI.
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Thanksgiving family recipe

We wanted to take a break from direct mail, email campaigns, content management, marketing strategies, and all things work related to bring you something sweet and special for the holiday!  Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather together and celebrate their bonds over some good food. In the spirit of both of these things, we want to share one of our favorite family recipes with you all. This sweet potato casserole is so good, you’ll swear it tastes more like dessert than pumpkin pie!
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why direct mail marketing is still a nonprofit’s best friend

Direct mail marketing is a vital component to any nonprofit organization’s marketing mix. While email is used frequently, and inbound marketing such as blogs and social media are growing in popularity and effectiveness, there are still many (often underappreciated) significant benefits to using traditional direct mail marketing – yes, we mean postal mail!
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Twitter Analytics & its use in direct marketing

twitter-birdtypingWhen developing a direct marketing strategy that includes all of the vital channels – direct mail, email, and social media – why do businesses bother making a Twitter account?  How can you deliver quality information in 140 characters?  Isn’t it just a social platform? How do you make it “direct”?  There are many common misconceptions about the use of social media for marketing a business – though Twitter can be especially puzzling.  However, it’s actually an excellent tool that businesses can use to reach their target market, particularly when working on a budget. This is made easier by the utilization of Twitter Analytics – a free and helpful way to gather data about the progress of your tweets in reaching your company’s goals. And the best part? All you need to access Twitter Analytics is a Twitter account!
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